Mental Health

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What we do

Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower individuals to gain a greater understanding of Mental Health. We endeavour to remove the fear, stigma and prejudice associated with mental health and promote the importance of Self-Management through Self-Awareness, Self-Help and Self-Care. 

We should all be comfortable and confident to Talk Mental Health.

We provide in-community support, delivered by local volunteers with lived-experience. Across our support groups we focus on fostering mutual and trusted peer to peer support to offer emotional support, share knowledge and connect to resources offering practical or clinical assistance.


Peer2Peer Support Groups

A friendly, trusted and safe environment where individuals can access various groups, to simply get away from everyday life, socialise with others, make new friendships and not feel socially isolated or lonely. Peer support provides a supportive environment to meet, talk and connect with others who are experiencing the same or similar challenges.

Personal Development Workshops

With greater awareness of who we are as individuals, we can then grow, develop and become a better version of ourselves, both within our personal and professional lives. This also means we can take better care of ourselves on a daily basis, whilst identifying when we are showing signs of poor mental health and understanding how to best help ourselves when we are struggling.

Online Community

We encourage you to connect with others within the community. Ask any questions, share any thoughts, especially when struggling and gain updates from us at Talk Mental Health.


Urgent Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health and requires urgent help click here for links to services that can provide emergency or urgent assistance. 



The majority of our work is only made possible through private and corporate donations. Your support will help us continue to support those in your community struggling with mental health issues.