Due to the levels of stigma, discrimination, prejudice and societal pressures around mental health, there is a need to inspire individuals from all backgrounds, faiths, culture and religions, to want to learn more about mental health.


Through Educating everyone in the UK and globally on general mental health and self management, we are instilling confidence within individuals, to identify any signs and symptoms earlier on and to make informed decisions.


By Inspiring and Educating individuals on mental health, we are empowering them to identify any signs earlier and better manage their own mental wellbeing.

get on the right track to a healthy mind

Welcome to Let's Talk Mental Health

Stigma, discrimination, prejudice, ignorance, lack of understanding, confusion and fear, these are all negative elements that are currently promoted on social media, perceived by society and relatable by the many, regarding Mental Health and yet, the topic of Mental Health is so much more than this.

This website is a platform which celebrates and promotes Mental Health in all of its forms. A place where you can be Inspired, Educated and where you will leave feeling Empowered, with an aim of you better managing your own Mental Wellbeing.

Podcast Show Podcast Show
Podcast Show

 Make some time for yourself, put the kettle on, grab the biscuits and catch up on one of the episodes from our show – Let’s Talk Mental Health, with guest interviews and shared lived experiences.

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Mental Health Facts Mental Health Facts
Mental Health Facts

Whether you are a business or individual, we have facts, stats and information specific to you on separate pages, where you can learn the basics, watch some videos, download resources and find support.

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Mental Health Speakers Mental Health Speakers
Mental Health Speakers

Looking for a speaker on Mental Health, who has lived experience of managing mental ill health in some shape or form? We have an ever increasing portfolio of Speakers from around the world.

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Mental Health Facts

We ALL have Mental Health
There’s a positivity to Mental Health too, which is currently forgotten
Mental ill health costs the UK approximately £110Billion per year
It costs UK Employers approximately £35Billion per year
Over 6,500 Suicides in 2018
Over 6,500 Suicides in 2018
75% of these were Men and it saw the first increase in Suicide amongst the young


Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson

Learn to manage your expectations & perceptions in life, as ultimately it is our perception of life events, that impacts your thoughts & emotions, which decides whether things are positive or negative.

Scott Stevenson
Scott Stevenson

Today Scott uses his lived life experience to battle stigma around mental health and provide others with proof that things can get better no matter how bleak they might seem today.

Steve Carr
Steve Carr

His dedication to helping others came after multiple childhood traumas and turbulent adulthood wrecked by addictions and mental health problems, leading to numerous suicide attempts.

What Does A Speaker Provide?

Real life lived experience, that is relateable
Brings a different viewpoint
Can initiate conversations within a workplace
Helps to tackle stigma
Demonstrates that it’s not weak to speak
Inspires and motivates employees at all levels

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ALL profit from the sale of our merchandise goes towards community projects, such as a Men’s Health Social Group and Mental Health training for single parents, vulnerable adults and our Veteran personnel, including their partners. Please do bare this in mind when looking around.


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