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Recently I was on Milton Keynes Hospital Radio, where we talked about my illness, injuries and 360, but the majority was about Mental Health. Specifically isolation, coping strategies, understanding those going through rough times, how to talk to someone with a mental illness and things to bare in mind.

As ever I have attempted to provide as much value, to you the listener, as possible and whilst I have edited the show down from 2hrs to 25mins, I assure you that nothing was missed and this will very much be of use to anyone interested in, impacted by or working within Mental Health and the Wellbeing industry. Take care and stay strong x

Living With Chronic Pain

I will be explaining the realities of Chronic Pain generally within the UK, as this impacts some 43% of the country, it is more relevant than you initially think and you might be amazed at the Governments approach or stance, to Chronic Pain as an illness.

I will also be providing an honest and real, lived experience with my having Chronic Pain of the spine for over 8years now. I will be explaining how this impacts everyday living, “Quality of Life” and how the side effects from the medications which are meant to help us “Manage” the pain, become an additional problem within themselves!

**Warning, This Is A Truly Open, Honest and Real Account of Living With Chronic Pain, So Various Descriptions May Trigger Some and Upset Others**

Mental Health and Professional Social Media

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

43% of people in the UK experience some form of Chronic Pain, which equates to 28million individuals, with 80% of adults experiencing low back pain at some point in their lives.

Here I talk about my own Chronic Pain and Mental Health experience, whilst also looking at definitions of what Chronic Pain is, how it impacts on your mental health and what having chronic pain can lead to. Which do you treat first, the chronic pain OR the poor mental health elements? It can be all too easy to concentrate on the physical pain and overlook your mental health.

The next episode will be: “Living With Chronic Pain”, where we will look at how exactly it impacts your life and that of those around you too!?

Have you A Plan For tackling Mental Health

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