Urgent Help and Advice

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health


Having Suicidal thoughts is normal and more common than you may think, however, should your thoughts change to beginning making plans to attempt suicide, maybe a feeling of harming yourself or know someone who is talking of such things, then PLEASE call 999 and ask for the Police

Nurse Talking to Patient

Emergency Services & Accident and Emergency

If you are unsure at any point, then you can always call 999 and unless there is an immediate medical need, ask for the Police first and they can arrange an Ambulance if needed.

You can always go to A&E, with many A&E's developing areas to specifically support those with poor mental health, but no physical medical needs.

NHS Urgent Mental Health Helplines

NHS urgent mental health helplines are for people of all ages.

You can call for:

  • 24-hour advice and support – for you, your child, your parent or someone you care for

  • help to speak to a mental health professional

  • an assessment to help decide on the best course of care

Call your local NHS Crisis team

  • for Northamptonshire call 0800 448 0828 or click HERE

  • or click HERE to find the number for your area. 

The Streets
Community Service

Free Listening Services

These services offer confidential advice from trained volunteers. You can talk about anything that's troubling you, no matter how difficult:

If you're under 19, you can also call 0800 1111 to talk to Childline. The number will not appear on your phone bill.

Non Urgent Support

Your GP should be your first point of contact. Don't be concerned about visiting your GP for mental health concerns, GPs report at least 40% of their consultations relate to mental health.

Your GP will help you understand what you are experiencing and dependant on diagnosis they can.

  • help rule out any underlying physical causes

  • offer advice about lifestyle changes such as alcohol consumption and exercise

  • refer you to a specialist 

  • offer you medication and or talking therapies

Or you can self-refer to your local NHS mental health service

  • for Northamptonshire click here

  • or click here to find your local NHS mental health services.

Nurse Talking to Patient