#385 Challenge

Cycle 385miles from Margate in Kent to Lands’ End in Cornwall, ideally completing it within 7days, which equates to approx. 55miles every day. We need £10,000 to produce a new wellbeing tool, which will help people in creating a Personalised Mind Care Plan and empowering them to better manage their mental wellbeing, which is desperately needed right now.


Bring a Buddy Check-in

we are launching our NEW meetup; "Bring A Buddy, Check In" on Wednesday evenings at our new partner Towcester Centre For Leisure

This is for Males aged 18+, BUT, it enables you to bring a friend, family or partner, regardless of gender, to provide support and learn more about Mental Health so they can better support you and we can help you develop your own 'Mind Care Plan'.

For those friends, family and partners of people who are struggling, OR if you simply wish to have a mid-week check in and a break from home working, then we will be at the leisure centre at midday every Wednesday, for information, guidance on navigating the mental health services and support.

So pop along and say hello


New- mid week meet-up

We are launching a new midweek evening meet-up at the Towcester Centre For Leisure from 2nd June. 

There will be a mixture of activities, informative talks, personal development workshops and informal chats as a group, with NO pressure whatsoever on you to talk should you not want to.

Everyone does have an opportunity to share any problems they might be facing currently, we have a standard set of four simple questions which are aimed at helping you to identify what is going on in your life, offering another way to look at our problems and assisting you to make simple goals which are achievable and realistic.

For Safeguarding, there are trained Peer Support Facilitators, who are there to check in with each individual, ensure everyone gets to talk should they so wish, oversees the meet in general and create a safe space for all.


Walk & Talk

From 29th March Covid-19 restrictions will relax and we are delighted this means we can now run our Walk & Talk meet-up. 

Our first Walk & Talk will be held on Saturday 3rd April meeting at 8:30am.

As with our indoor meet up this group is a friendly, trusted and safe environment where guys can come to simply get away from everyday life, socialise with others, make new friendships and not feel socially isolated or lonely. 

This is a Walk & Talk group but, it is not a hike and we walk at a gentle pace with frequent stops to chat. We follow public paths but these can be muddy at times, appropriate shoes/boots are recommended.