Working From Home During Covid19

We are in trying times, with more challenges than you can shake a stick at, BUT, what can be even MORE challenging is when you are trying to work from home, maybe for the first time, maybe you have bored kids around and maybe you aren’t lucky enough to have a spare room to act as an office!?

Well, I LOVE a challenge, almost as much as todays guest, multi medal winning Paralympian Ian Rose, and so we are both here to provide tips, guidance, suggestions and some welcome relief from the stressors and pressures of working from home, so that you can be MORE productive, whilst being LESS stressed.

Makes sure you listen ALL the way through, as Ian is giving away a VERY generous and special prize to the first FIVE people who quote a certain something which is mentioned at some point during the show!! Good luck peeps x

Covid19, What The Hell?

In this special edition episode, you will gain hints and tips on how to better manage your own mental wellbeing during these challenging times and on into the future. We introduce you to Self Management, breaking it down into Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Help, explaining how this helps you and how exactly you best achieve this.

These ARE challenging times for sure, so if you have anything specific you wish to know about, questions, queries or complaints, then PLEASE do get in touch and I will do everything I possibly can to assist you, through future shows. I will also be launching an online Mens Health Support Group, where you can still interact, have your say, listen to others and gain support, so keep an eye out for that along with our new website which should be launched the last week in March.

Veterans, PTSD and Icarus Online

Today I talk to Simon Maryan, founder of Icarus Online, a support organisation for uniformed personnel, including Military, Veterans, Emergency Services and Prison Staff.

Within this episode we learn more about the amazing work that Icarus provides and what it is they actually do, we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Veteran communities insistence to blanket blame all mental ill health to PTSD without accepting the debilitating impact that Depression and other Anxiety Disorders can have, with many signs and symptoms mimicking PTSD. Then finally, we talk about what people can do to get support, how partners and family members can best assist their loved ones and the importance of the partners themselves gaining support, to prevent them becoming a statistic themselves through concentrating so much on their loved one!

Our show sponsor is Dylogic –, who we thank greatly for making this possible, I thank Simon Maryan for giving up his time to appear on the show and being there for me personally and I urge anyone who felt their own situations related to what we discussed, or are concerned about themselves or a loved one to reach out for help.

You can contact the Samaritans – OR Icarus Online –

Time To Talk, Time To Listen, How?

In this episode, we discuss how as a society, do we manage our own mental health, check in on those within our networks, actually understand the difference between mental ill health and mental health, whether we are in a place to actually listen to others and whether simply sitting down for a brew and a chat, is safe or wise!

I am joined by Amelia Thorpe of Wellbeing360 and Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson of Free Choices, two very experienced and knowledgeable ladies, who kept me on my toes and pretty much in check.

I sincerely apologise over the audio quality of this one, we had some technical issues and it had to be done via Zoom, BUT, that certainly doesn’t detract from the invaluable content that is within this episode. So make a brew, turn off your phone, grab the biccies and settle in.

Oxford City FC and Mental Health

This episode I talk to Mick Livesey, the Commercial Director of Oxford City Football Club. Here we talk about their player who is on Love Island and the impact that has had, the pressures within professional Football, the expectations on the club, players, backroom staff and management.

How Mick deals with the stress, what support is being offered by the club, the clubs approach to Mental Health and the huge difference that their community team is having on local school kids around self confidence and body image, amongst many other elements.

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