Peer Support Meetup

  • 2 hours
  • Park Street, Towcester NN12 6DQ, UK

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There will be a mixture of activities, informative talks, personal development workshops and informal chats as a group, with NO pressure whatsoever on you to talk should you not want to. Everyone does have an opportunity to share any problems they might be facing currently, we have a standard set of four simple questions which are aimed at helping you to identify what is going on in your life, offering another way to look at our problems and assisting you to make simple goals which are achievable and realistic. For Safeguarding, there are trained Peer Support Facilitators, who are there to check in with each individual, ensure everyone gets to talk should they so wish, oversees the meet in general and create a safe space for all. We maintain a relaxed and informal approach where: - We are a Safe Space where we develop trust in each other and an environment that we feel supported and supportive of others. - Confidentiality is critical to the group and what is said in the group stays in the group. We will not identify someone as a participant of the support group in another setting. - Participation is important for the group to be effective but is not mandatory. Participants must be comfortable what they share with the group and non-participation is absolutely fine. - We listen to others, allow them to finish before speaking and resist the urge to interrupt. - We Respect others’ difference and views that may not be the same as ours. - Group Facilitators are also group participants, we are all on the same journey but their principle role is safeguarding and steering the group discussions. Note: peer to peer support has been shown to benefit both treatment and recovery for mental health issues but is not therapy nor is it a substitute for clinical treatment. If you are concerned about your mental health your first point of contact should be your GP.

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  • Park Street, Towcester NN12 6DQ, UK