Andrew spent a lifetime, literally, in education when, as a Headteacher, he was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2013. He has gone on to deliver key note speeches and training workshops focusing on pastoral care and mental health issues all round the World. In January 2020, he launched Project 1000 Ltd, using his personal and professional experience to specialise in Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing as an accredited WRAW Master Practitioner and a Life Coach.

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Born and brought up in a boarding school, Andrew became a boarder himself at the age of 8 years old. His career then took him around the UK living and working in boarding schools, including 12 years as a Headteacher. His lifelong battle with anxiety, and ultimately depression, forced him to re-evaluate many different aspects of his life and he is now dedicated to ‘speaking up’ to raise awareness of the day to day struggles that so many people face, all to often in silence. The workplace is an increasingly pressurised place and organisations need to pay more attention to their ‘people’, and give them the tools to stay ‘well’ both physically and, most importantly, mentally. Andrew is passionate about creating a fundamental culture shift to achieve ‘healthy high performance’ that, in the longer term, will be far better for everyone.

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