Time To Talk, Time To Listen, How?

In this episode, we discuss how as a society, do we manage our own mental health, check in on those within our networks, actually understand the difference between mental ill health and mental health, whether we are in a place to actually listen to others and whether simply sitting down for a brew and a chat, is safe or wise!

I am joined by Amelia Thorpe of Wellbeing360 and Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson of Free Choices, two very experienced and knowledgeable ladies, who kept me on my toes and pretty much in check.

I sincerely apologise over the audio quality of this one, we had some technical issues and it had to be done via Zoom, BUT, that certainly doesn’t detract from the invaluable content that is within this episode. So make a brew, turn off your phone, grab the biccies and settle in.

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