Are You on the Frontline? Do YOU Need Support?

It’s exhausting and emotionally draining being professional health carers and others on the frontline during this COVID-19 crisis. You’re always on the go looking after the sick and vulnerable with little time for yourself. We understand. You need support as much as anyone else, if not more. But where do you find that help when NHS resources are stretched?

Here! That’s where.

Veterans in Support was set up by Let’s Talk Mental Health specifically to provide additional support to frontline healthcare professionals, carers, and volunteers who have been tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

Why veterans? Because they’ve been on the frontline, too. Veterans are uniquely placed to relate to the hardships you’re going through. They also experienced many highly challenging situations on the front line, including loss. Their unique perspective helps them to understand what you’re going through.

FREE Support for Carers

Veterans in Support is a free to use support service providing trained veterans to help you. Undergoing a stringent application process that included DBS checks, all our veterans are thoroughly trained by our clinical psychologists and therapists.

Speaking to our veterans allows you to talk openly and freely, probably far more than you would with friends or family. They’ll offer a listening ear and provide essential emotional support. Our veterans are supported by our highly qualified mental health professionals, so they can flag you for additional counseling or therapy if needed.

You could also receive up to ten funded sessions with a qualified therapist. Or they may signpost you to other types of mental health support, depending on how you are.

Our veterans are here to help you get the support you need, which could simply be having someone who understands, who’s had a similar experience, to talk to. They do it as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all you’re doing.

To help protect you, provide consistency, and ensure that our veterans are fully aware of their specific role, our volunteers all received the following training:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Active Listening
  • Signposting
  • Self-Management

Our veterans will empathise and relate to your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You are not alone. It is human to need help. It is not weak to speak and talking will help.

What do I do next?

Schedule your session. Below is a calendar where you can book a suitable time to talk with one of our veteran volunteers. Choose a day and time to suit you from those currently available, highlighted in blue.

Here you can find out all about this amazing project and book a chat with one of our amazing Volunteers from the Veteran Community, here to support YOU this time round


We have rallied the troops! Our group of trained military veteran volunteers are ready to provide you with essential emotional support. And they will arm you – empower you – with information, tools, techniques and coping strategies to manage your own mental wellbeing. Or they will signpost you for further help if that’s needed.

Arrange a session now – find a date and time that suits you from those currently available, highlighted in blue.


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