Veterans, PTSD and Icarus Online

Today I talk to Simon Maryan, founder of Icarus Online, a support organisation for uniformed personnel, including Military, Veterans, Emergency Services and Prison Staff.

Within this episode we learn more about the amazing work that Icarus provides and what it is they actually do, we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Veteran communities insistence to blanket blame all mental ill health to PTSD without accepting the debilitating impact that Depression and other Anxiety Disorders can have, with many signs and symptoms mimicking PTSD. Then finally, we talk about what people can do to get support, how partners and family members can best assist their loved ones and the importance of the partners themselves gaining support, to prevent them becoming a statistic themselves through concentrating so much on their loved one!

Our show sponsor is Dylogic –, who we thank greatly for making this possible, I thank Simon Maryan for giving up his time to appear on the show and being there for me personally and I urge anyone who felt their own situations related to what we discussed, or are concerned about themselves or a loved one to reach out for help.

You can contact the Samaritans – OR Icarus Online –

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